Tuesday, April 20, 2010

BBQ Meatball Subs

I know, I know-its been forever since I have posted any new recipes. I am so sorry. I really don't have an excuse except I have been on a hiatus of cooking lately. My poor husband! But I'm back and with tons new recipes. This one we just had tonight.
I loved how simple and easy it was to make and definitely was a hit with the husband's taste buds to boot. To be completely honest I am not sure where I got this recipe, but chances are it was from someone on Tastykitchen.com. I love that site! I should also mention that the recipe is really for them to be an appetizer but I decided to make it a meal by putting into hot dog buns. I used turkey meatballs instead of the beef ones to make it a little healthier and point friendly. I served mine on a 1pt hot dog bun and the husband got the regular ol white kind. Per my husbands request, we will be having this one again in the future!

Super Secret Grilled Meatballs
Aprox 4pts (3 meatballs) (*Points will vary with choice of meatballs and buns)

1 cup Your Favorite BBQ Sauce
2 Tablespoons Cajun Seasoning
1 bag (20-24 Oz. Bag) Frozen Meatballs (Plain, Not Italian-style)
Hot Dog Buns

Preparation Instructions
Open the bag of still-frozen meatballs, pour in the bbq sauce and sprinkle the seasoning on top. Close the bag and shake it around to coat the meatballs with the sauce and seasoning. If you need to add more sauce, go ahead now.
Return the bag to your fridge and allow the meatballs to thaw overnight. Turn the bag a few times, if you remember to.
When the meatballs have thawed completely and you’re almost ready to eat, heat your grill to medium/medium-high.
Skewer the meatballs, leaving no space between them.
Cook until the sauce has caramelized, turning once.
Remove from skewers, put on a bun and chow down!

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