Friday, October 24, 2008

Bad Weigh In

I have my weigh in on Fridays. I always do it first thing in the morning after waking up. I knew that there was a pretty darn good chance that I did not lose this week, but probably was at the same place I had been at recently. I was wrong! I gained 2lbs! I only have myself to blame. I did not workout Wednesday or Thursday like planned. Went to dinner with my best friend on Wednesday which lead to drinks which lead to me sleeping in instead of going to the gym Thursday. I also did not watch what I ate. So with the combo of the two, it was not a big suprise.

A postive out of this huge negative is that it has opened my eyes. I need to get my stuff in gear. This is by far the largest I have ever been and I am not fond of it. So todays plan is:

B: Oatmeal (3pts)
S: Banana (1 pts)
L: Smart One (6pts), Apple (1pts)
S: 100 calorie Popcorn (1pts)

That leaves 11pts for dinner. We are having friends over for poker night for my hubbys birthday. I have made some finger foods for everyone to munch on while we play. Some healthy, some not. I am going to post the yummy display with some recipes of the dishes I made soon.

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