Sunday, July 18, 2010

Brisket Tacos

I got this recipe for brisket tacos from one of my best friends, Christina, and man I am glad I made it! It was so simple and yet so tasty!

Brisket Tacos
From: my friend, Christina

Trimmed Brisket
A brisket marinade (I used Claude's barbecue Brisket Marinade Sauce)
Tortillas ( I used flour)
Tomatoes, Cheese or anything else you would like to put on your tacos

Place trimmed brisket in a ziplock bag and pour your marinade sauce over brisket (I used approx 2 oz per pound). Seal bag and refrigerate over night.

Place brisket in a deep cooking pan with marinade, cover with foil and cook at 300F for approx for 4 hours.

( The last 30 minutes or so, I removed the foil cover and cooked the remaining amount uncovered).

Shred brisket while still hot and it is ready for your tacos!

**You could also pour some of the juices from the pan over the meat to add additional flavor and tenderness.

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